Saturday, December 4, 2010


All of us are here for a limited time. That is a fact. What we do in the time we have is entirely up to each one of us. Time will pass, what we do in that time is what is important. There is no limit to the skills and knowledge one can gather in this time. When one sleeps, one may dream; but it is true that dreams will never transform into achievement unless one plans and works towards one's goal, how ever big or small.

I admire Brian Tracy and other motivational speakers like him. The reason is they stress the importance of knowing what to do and, more importantly, what not to do. I have learned much from him and other such speakers from their books.

Unless one falls ill or is asleep, there is no reason not to spend every waking moment observing, thinking and learning. Reading remains the most important source of increasing one's knowledge. I realize that an MBA is not just a degree. It is a course that, if approached correctly, increases one's awareness of the world. It teaches the student that one must always look at the big picture in any issue. Management is a tough task. I am learning this every day. There are some who manage and lead effortlessly. They may or may not even be educated, leave alone an MBA! Yet for most of us, the learning of the task of management becomes easier when studied.

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  1. Hey harry Bravo ... I couldn't agree more with your views on " Time " well said. Yes MBA is all about looking at big picture. Sorting out one problem and then getting ready to sort out problems created by the solution of earlier problems and not lose site of time. Time and timing is all important