Friday, October 16, 2009

Scientist Munir Khan.....

I thank my Office clerk for opening my eyes about the above named personality. The colleague in question has Diabetes and a lot of anxiety. He brought a DVD of "Dr Munir Khan-the great Scientist" excitedly and said that this doctor has a product for Rs. 15,000 that cures Cancer and almost every other ailment afflicting the human body. The clerk wanted me to watch the DVD and explain the product to him so that he could perhaps try it.

I googled "Munir Khan Scientist" and read a lot about him. Most of his claims are vague, but impressive. I realised there is nothing scientific about this so-called scientist! There is no mention of the ingredients of his "Body Revive" product. I do recall watching a TV show late in the night where an actress of yesteryear, Tabassum was interviewing Munir Khan. She talked sweetly and he responded confidently that his product could cure most ailments-from Cancer to Diabetes!

Now, the clerk at my office is not uneducated. But he is almost convinced about the potency of this product by "Doctor" Munir Khan. This made me understand that one requires two traits to cause this kind of effect on potential victims/ customers. The first is to appear confident about one's claims. The confidence of a con-man or a guru-that surely appeals to many many persons. The second is to be sufficiently vague about the claims one is making. Science, or for that matter, logic demands reasons and explanations. Faith requires none of that. Hence, appeal to faith, not reason. This is Munir Khan's modus operandi.

Since the majority of mankind is religious and have faith in some sort of a higher being-it may not be too hard to be adequately vague and impressively confident about selling a cure for all illnesses. I can see that when a man is very sick, any hope of a treatment appears attractive. But I cannot see what happens to such a man and his family when they are honest enough to realise that they were defrauded. Both spiritually and financially. It must be a terrible feeling then.

I believe Munir Khan is a good listener and a better talker. And a rich man. All the money that persons like the clerk at my office have given him in exchange for a chance at a "cure" for their various ailments. He knows that most people respect hard work and the achievements of science. Thus his claims of being a "Scientist" with 24 plus years of "hard work" and "research" behind his miracle product. I would say that like any fraudster or con-man, "Doctor" Munir Khan must be a good reader of human psychology-their fears and desires, their doubts and sorrows.

I never did see the DVD till date, but the more I think about it, the more I am convinced that he will have more believers than doubters. I am firmly in the latter category. Because of the simple reason that I choose reason over superstition.

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  1. Harry,
    It is very nice to know that you have taken to Blogging and importantly reflect on issues on which we should be concerned about.

    I have jumped from one article to the other article of your blog. The Time, Scientist Munir Khan through to Thackeray's. Alla's we could contain it.. if not then lets keep Blogging..

    I am impressed... you have made a very impressive and excellent blog beginning ... Hey you have become a writer do you know that ..Keep up the good work..